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ADK Lodge Site Map

Parking Guide

Lynx Lookout Suites 1-6 – in front of rooms in upper lot

Bear’s Den & Fischer 7-13 – along Lake Shore Dr side of the Lodge building, spots are numbered, and along overflow parking on roadside of pool

Beaver Lodge 14 & Beaver Dam 15 – north side of Lodge, off Vito Rd

Cabins 16-24 – in front of cabin parallel to Vito Road, or in driveways as applicable

Owl 25 – in upper parking spot, 2 spaces, just above the building near front door

Kestral 28 – on shoulder of driveway, left side, below entrance along lower level of building

Chickadee 29 – two spots on right side of driveway, a paved parking area that faces the left side of the 29/30 building, and veers right between 29/30 and the Pines 25/28 building.

Cardinal 30 – proceed past the stairs for #30 on your right, to find a spot on the left shoulder of the driveway, directly across from the paved pathway to #30 (first floor entrance, front left corner)

​Kinglet 31 & Jay 32 – in parking just past the 2nd A-Frame building, down to left

​Wood Pecker 33 – upper driveway area against garage

Wren 34 – spot along patio area, facing short steps into porch, or, if your vehicle is too large, the left side of the driveway shoulder anywhere between Vito Rd and #34 is the easiest alternative. *Please take care not to block access for other cars passing through the driveway.

​Nuthatch 35 – any space past #34, in driveway. Has space all the way to garage at end